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Lebanese in Australia

Hardback, 400 pagesISBN 97819258266661Lebanese Immigrants have been settling in Australia over the last 130 years. This book explains better than any other the context of this migration and the great contribution those Lebanese/Australians have made...

Where The Cedars Rise

Sequel to What Lies Beneath The Cedars. Book 2 of the Cedar Series In the sequel to What Lies Beneath the Cedars, Lucy travels with Rhys to a mountain village in Lebanon to learn more...

What Lies Beneath the Cedars

"More than a love story, this is a peek into a cross-cultural labyrinth that so many of us have lived, but few have articulated." This is Book 1 of the Cedar Series: It is 1999...

Mama Baba, waynkon?

$19.90 includes shippingTo order more than one copy please email us at: Baba, waynkon? Mummy Daddy, where are you?A young girls adventure playing hide and seek with her parents.Where can they be hiding?!The perfect...

Mama Baba, iza bit reedo…

$19.90 includes shipping To order more than one copy please email us at: Mama Baba, iza bit reedo… (Mummy Daddy, please…) The first and only bilingual transliterated children’s book written using the everyday Lebanese-Arabic language spoken...

Grape Leaves Rolling Machine

Be Patient to overview the using instruction AS SEEN ON TV GRAPE LEAVES ROLLING MACHINE Greek Dolmathes Rolling Machine for Stuffed Grape Leavesماكينة او الة لف المحشى او ورق العنب سهلة الاستعمال 1. Push the button...
$15.00 $30.00

Kebab Maker Box

KEBAB MAKER BOX - صندوق المشاوي 36 Skewers / BBQ'S Good Helper - Kebab Maker Box Skewers Brochette Beef Skewer Making Machine Feature:>  Save times, you can make 36 brochettes kebab in seconds!>  Can be used with...
$25.00 $50.00
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